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The Collaborative

The Collaborative

The Collaborative function at Gateway is an option for you by us overseeing and assisting your journey to getting well. Our aim is to gain a more complete understanding by assessing your situation across disciplines as expressed in our philosophy. We operate in a way that is unbiased and open in communication with you and between the practitioners who you may work with.

You are unique. No one experiences life and its fortitudes and tribulations quite like you. The Collab will review and reflect upon your situation in a “roundtable” way and through creative reasoning help guide your course of treatment, seeing the means to the end – the passage through (the) Gateway. This is best exemplified through our Body Alive! Program.

There are many roads to take toward a given destination, but the map is not the territory. Far too many times we hear of clients ‘spinning the wheel’ by taking a chance on various practitioners or modalities in an effort to get well, wishing that they affordably stumble in the right direction. We aim to find what may work best for you through our unique collaboration based on who you are as an individual.

Ultimately, you are in the driver’s seat at GHC.  We are here to help lead you in the direction of health. Your initiation of the journey to seek care is an effort in attending to self; that in itself is the corpus in building the will for your striving.