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Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Health coaches are wellness experts and mentors who support clients in reaching their unique health goals. With a holistic and integrative approach to wellness, health coaching considers all areas of life that require nourishment. 

Imbalances among key systems in the body can lead to chronic inflammation and pain. Additionally, lack of essential nutrients, emotional stress, environmental toxins, poor sleep habits, and other lifestyle factors can lead to stubborn health concerns. It is common to feel uncertain or overwhelmed about how to address imbalances, lead a healthier lifestyle, and disengage from bad habits. It sounds simple, yet when you’re not feeling well, it can be difficult to get started without proper guidance and support.  

Heath Coaching provides a safe space to explore all aspects of wellbeing, activating mind-body awareness and encouraging clients to actively participate in their health journey. Together, coaches and clients identify personalized health goals and create a wellness plan that helps clients integrate small shifts in diet and lifestyle behaviors. By creating simple, transformative habits, clients feel empowered, motivated, and accountable to overcome common health struggles.

Offered as a 3-month comprehensive program or a 4-week health reset, transformative coaching sessions are designed to help you regain balance, eliminate chronic pain, and reclaim your health. Coaching dives deep into the unique mindset, lifestyle and nutritional habits that will support your body’s individual needs. This holistic approach to wellness is designed to unlock your body’s true healing potential.

Health Coaching is right for you if:

1:1 Coaching Sessions include:

  • You want 1×1 accountability, extra support, and tools for your healing journey
  • You struggle to manage chronic pain or pain interferes with doing things you love
  • You lack energy and often feel fatigued 
  • You have issues with digestion, emotional eating, or weight gain
  • You want to learn how to nourish your body with whole foods
  • You want to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins
  • You want to heal using a holistic, mind, body, soul approach but don’t know where to start
  • You can’t find the motivation to work on your health alone
  • You want to elevate your wellbeing, heal, and thrive
  • You are ready to start taking inspired action each day
  • Complimentary consultation (up to 45 minutes) to see what package option is the right fit for you
  • Detailed initial health assessment, goal setting, and planning session
  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions/check ins
  • 24/7 support via email + phone
  • Personalized healing plan
  • Customized health journal + habits tracker
  • Access to 3-week Seasonal Cleanse including meal plan, recipes, grocery lists, and more
  • Debrief sent after each session including personalized resources
  • Gut health, food sensitivity, and nutrition education 
  • Endocrine disruptors education and how to live a low-toxic lifestyle
  • Exercise suggestions based on your plan
  • Accountability, support, and practical tools to help you reach your goals