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Improve Your Body’s Balance, Alignment, and Function with Rolfing from Gateway Healing Center

Gateway Healing Center is one of the few places on Long Island offering Rolfing Structural Integration. Jason Beickert has been in practice for 16 years. Those who come to GHC for Rolfing, whether it be for the 10-Series or a one-off session, experience relief on all levels.

What Is Rolfing?

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Rolfing® Structural Integration is an advanced manual therapy designed to guide the client towards a more dynamic relationship with their body. Through cultivated hands-on work and mindful movement, a process of transformation unfolds as the body begins to feel straighter, more balanced, and free of restriction.

Rolfing helps to uncover the connections of related strains and pains throughout the body, providing the client with more awareness, body-knowledge, and a locus of control to change how they move and feel. It is a holistic education. The work is slow and gentle, as it updates the body’s sensory and motor mapping to refine and reframe its use, and enhance its sensations.

Much gets fixed when the work is paced with the intention to allow time to create more span and ease, while weaving new connections to break unhelpful habits to ensure they stay away.

Rolfing is work, change, connection, and relationship. It is about exchanging expectation for possibility.

Rolfing aims to provide a reduction of strain for more useful energy expenditure, improved posture and flexibility, increased athletic performance, and overall well-being. This can lead to an increased sense of physical and emotional vitality, improved health, and physical appearance. Many begin to notice psychological benefits as the emotions linked to their physical imbalances begin to release.

So, when asking, “What is Rolfing?” the answer lies in the question; it is an open inquiry into the transformation and integration of your body.

Rolfing is effective.

Rolfing can provide care for those with:

  • chronic pain
  • stress and anxiety
  • pre-surgical conditions
  • post surgery rehabilitation
  • expectant and postnatal mothers
  • trauma or addiction 

And help children and adults with structural and movement issues such as:

  • poor posture
  • scoliosis
  • cerebral palsy
  • nerve compression
  • repetitive stress injuries
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • plantar fasciitis
  • tendonitis
  • and more

Rolfing has a long track record of helping those with pain and is commonly used by athletes, weekend warriors, and those with less active lifestyles. 

*Please note that Rolfing is not meant to be a substitute for medical or psychological care. Consult with your physician or mental health specialist before implementing any new healing modality.

jason beickert, certified rolfer at gateway healing center
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Children and Rolfing:

Rolfing can be a great tool for children with a variety of needs. Symptoms of autism, ADHD as well of social and anxiety issues can be reduced with the help of Rolfing. Some of the key focuses in Rolfing are on posture, alignment and body awareness, which can be of benefit for kids of all kinds.

Rolfing can help developing children in becoming more comfortable with their body, their sense of self as well as their relations to others.

Introducing The Rolfing Ten-Series

jason beickert, rolfing, 10 series, gateway healing center

It is recommend that those who are seeking long-lasting change and benefits commit to the Ten-Series. The Ten-Series is a path toward transformation and realization of finding “The Line” – an inherent proprioceptive/interoceptive aspect of ourselves through which we organize our movements and sense of self in vertical space. Each session is broken down with specific goals aiming for overall integration of your body which, when given the freedom to do so, naturally organizes and coalesces around your “line”.  The time spent allows the Rolfer to invite change in a harmonious way. 

“You can’t get beyond the body unless you free the body itself.” – Ida P. Rolf, PhD

How Some of GHC’s Clients Have Described The Feeling After Rolfing:

  • Lighter
  • Taller
  • Grounded
  • Balanced
  • Different
  • Easier to breathe
  • Seamless barrier between self and the environment

The History of Rolfing:

Rolfing Structural Integration was developed in the 1940’s by Dr. Ida P. Rolf. She took an innovative approach to understanding bodywork and its positive effects on healing. She was guided by the idea that the body’s connective tissue affected posture, movement and therefore overall health. Her belief was that when these connective tissues, the fascia, became tight or distorted for any reason, it could lead to pain, discomfort and limited mobility. Dr. Ida Rolf founded The Dr. Ida Rolf Institute of Structural Integration which continues to oversee the training and certification of other Rolfers. The organization itself is always working to advance the field of Structural Integration through research and education. There are presently more than 2500 certified Rolfers worldwide, although the majority of these practitioners are likely located in the United States.

How a Rolfer Becomes Certified:

It is important that when you are seeking out Rolfing, you look for a Rolfer who has been certified through an accredited training program. The coursework and hands-on work that is required for one to become a certified Rolfer is unique, in-depth and taken seriously. Only those practitioners who have been through the training program and maintain their certification are allowed to practice Rolfing.

To become a Certified Rolfer, a practitioner must complete the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute of Structural Integration approved training program.

Rolfing at Gateway Healing Center:

Gateway Healing Center was founded by Jason Beickert, Certified Rolfer. With 16 years of experience, he has been able to help many people find balance, realignment, and pain relief with his work. Here’s what to expect from your Rolfing appointment at Gateway Healing Center.

  • Eat a light meal
  • Ensure you are hydrated
  • Arrive a few minutes early
  • Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Most wear underwear/exercise attire or tank top and shorts. 
  • The session is 60 minutes long
  • You may be guided to sit, lay, stand or position yourself in different ways for the Rolfer to access specific areas of the body
  • You may experience minor, temporary discomfort
  • There will be frequent dialogue and feedback given by both the practitioner and you about your comfort
  • The work is performed manually along with guided movement and imagery to enhance sensation and spatial orientation
  • You may feel a variety of sensations post session
  • You can schedule the next session in your series if you are participating in the Ten Series
  • Your Rolfer can provide you with guidance as far as movement and self care

Booking Your Rolfing Appointment at Gateway Healing Center

If you are not sure about the work

If you are a returning Rolfing client